Magashule blasts corrupt government officials

April 30, 2013 Comments Off on Magashule blasts corrupt government officials

Free State premier, Ace Magashule, has strongly warned councillors, municipal officials and senior government officials against hampering the pace of service delivery by getting involved in corruption and nepotism.

Addressing Bluegumbosch residents in QwaQwa during an Operation Hlasela visit last week, Magashule lashed out at officials in municipalities for standing between the needs of residents and plans of government by enriching themselves with government funds.

He lashed out at senior government officials who promise women jobs in exchange for sex.

“Some government officials, municipalities and ANC leaders in the province have tended to forget and ignore their duties recently. Our people have been faced with difficult decisions to make when looking for job opportunities in government.

“It is even worse for young women who are promised jobs in exchange for sex. This is not acceptable and people will have to be removed from their positions or offices if they continue with this habit,” said Magashule.

QwaQwa residents had complained to Magashule that they were side-lined from work opportunities in many government projects because they were not in possession of ANC membership cards; are refusing to sleep with officials or are not related to people in power.

A young woman who could not reveal her identity said that two of her friends were employed in a local municipality while the other one was placed in an extended public works project (EPWP) because they had slept with municipal officials.

“It is difficult for me to sleep with a complete stranger just to get a job. I have a husband and a child and all I need is a job to take care of my family, but I was told to give something to someone in order to get the job. When asked how much was needed, I was told that in my case it was not about the money but spending a night in a comfortable bed and a nice place with that person,” claimed the woman.

Magashule pleaded with community members to help him “sniff out” people who think they can do as they please just because they occupy senior party and government positions.

“This is an ANC government which should work and deliver services to everyone. Whether you are a member or not, the ANC is the ruling party and it has a responsibility to everyone regardless of their political inclination.”

He said the conduct of corrupt senior government and municipal officials was turning the masses against the ruling party.

“As a leader, you can’t ask people who put you in power for sex in return for a job. It is not right. I want to work with you so that next time when I fire somebody because of this, you will be able to support me.”

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