Intergovernmental Relations


To facilitate intergovernmental relations functions through:

  • The promotion of Cooperative Governance and Donor Funding for the Free State provincial government (FSPG)
  • The advancement of foreign relations
  • The implementation of protocol services


The Chief Directorate is subdivided into the following components;

Cooperative Governance

Core functions of the component include;

  • The coordination of the Premier’s Coordinating Council Meetings (PCC)
  • The coordination of meetings between the Premier and the House of Traditional Leaders
  • The advancement of participation of the Executive Mayors, Mayors and Councillors in Hlasela imbizo‚Äôs
  • The advancement of national intergovernmental relations forums (FOSAD; Technical PCC etc.)

Foreign Relations

Core functions of the component include;

  • The advancement of the participation of the FSPG in the NEPAD Processes
  • The coordination of international interaction between the FSPG and international¬† counterparts in line with the Free State Growth and Development Strategy (FSGDS)
  • The liaison with the National Treasury International Development Cooperation Unit
  • The implementation and monitoring of Twinning Agreements

Protocol Services

Core functions of the component include;

  • The rendering of ceremonial services
  • The provision of advice on protocol and etiquette matters
  • The provision of organizational support for dignitaries
  • The coordination of official and state visits

Contact Numbers

Director: Intergovernmental Relations
Ms SG Mazibuko
Telephone: (+27) 051 405 4748