Organizational Development


To coordinate and monitor organisational development and design services


  • The advancement of organisational design processes
  • The coordination and facilitation of job evaluation
  • The coordination of the implementation of change management
  • The management and implementation of a performance management system

Performance Management Functions:

  • The development and monitoring of a provincial performance management framework
  • The maintenance of a performance management database
  • The provision of technical advice and assistance on performance management issues
  • The monitoring of the implementation of performance management in provincial departments

Job Evaluation & Business Process Re-engineering Functions:

  • The management of development of functional structures and post establishments
  • The provision of advice on proper configuration of the structure and alignment to strategic objectives
  • The maintenance of a provincial database of organisational structures
  • The development of process maps
  • The development of provincial JE Strategies
  • The coordination of job evaluation within the province
  • The provision of advisory services to the Provincial Panel in respect of job evaluation
  • The monitoring of the implementation of job evaluation and job description policies/ strategies
  • The development of job description policies for the province


  • Coordinated the Provincial re-alignment project for the re-alignment of the respective Provincial Departments and the organisational structures for the respective Departments during 2009.
  • Initiated the national coordination process, to determine the grading of these posts, during April 2010 for the following posts within the Public Service:
– Head of Office: Director-General Support
– Head of Office: Head of Department Support
– Head of Office: National Deputy Director-General Support
– Head of Office: Provincial Deputy Director-General Support


  • Assisted with the development of a generic macro organisational structure for Department/Office of the Premier’s in collaboration with DPSA during 2011.
  • Participate as team members of the task team to determine post norms and standards for the allocation of posts from level 9 and higher in organisational structures and post establishments during 2011.
  • Coordinate the consultation of proposed organisational structures of respective Departments with the Minister of the Public Service and Administration for finalisation.
  • Finalisation of the performance management assessments for levels 1 -12 of the 2010/11 cycle.
  • Finalisation of the SMS performance assessments for the 2009/10 cycle.

Contact Numbers

Contact Numbers

Director: Organisational Development
CM Ledwaba

Telephone: (+27) 51 405 4126