Unit on Women, Children & People With Disabilities


The Unit was previously part of what was known as “Special Programmes”. During 2011, the former “Special Programmes” component was delinked from Intergovernmental Relations and the Unit on Women, Children, People with Disabilities and other Focal Groups was created to align with the configuration of national government, specifically the establishment of the Ministry for Women, Children and People with Disabilities.


The purpose of the Unit includes the development of transverse policies and strategies and the coordination of events in the province focusing on particular focal groups.  This is achieved by facilitating, coordinating and monitoring of gender, disability, children and HIV/AIDS, Older persons, youth programs through the following sub-components

  • Office on Status of Women
  • Office on the Status of Disabled People
  • Office on the Status of Older Persons
  • HIV & AIDS Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
  • Youth Affairs Management Office

Organizational Structure


  • Establishing partnerships with civil society organisations.  E.g. Federal council on Disabilities
  • Provision of Legacy projects (20 standard and 3 electric Wheel-chairs handed over to receptions in Mangaung Metro and Lejweleputswa. 12 Hard of hearing Primary School learners received Hearing Aids.)
  • Conduct capacity building workshops. E.g.  Summer and Winter Camps for Youth
  • Commemoration of provincial events in partnership with other Departments. E.g. Women’s day, World AIDS day.
  •  Hosting of Premiers Children’s Christmas party in partnership with civil society organisations
  • Hosting of World Elder Abuse Awareness day in partnership with GogoGetters.
  • Coordination of the Provincial Strategic Plan 2012-2016 in partnership with Department of Health

Contact Numbers

Contact Numbers

Director: Special Programmes
Carol Mokobe
Telephone: (+27) 51 405 4132