Community Development Workers


From 1 April 2012, the responsibility for Community Development Workers is located in the Department of the Premier in the Free State. This function was previously located in the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA).  The Department of the Premier and the Department of COGTA continue to work closely together to ensure coordination and integration of all issues relating to the functions of Community Development Workers.

CDW Coordinators for the Mangaung Metro and the four district municipalities have been appointed in the Department of the Premier. These CDW Coordinators liaise and interact with CDWs on a continuous basis to ensure that suggestions, complaints, challenges and requests received from communities are brought to the attention of relevant Departments. They also ensure that feedback or progress reports are provided.

What are Community Development Workers?

CDWs are special public servants who undergo training to enable them to enter communities and households, engage with citizens and determine what services are needed, to ensure that these services are made available.

How can Community Development Workers assist communities?

CDWs link communities with many government services and programmes. CDWs assist citizens by helping them to access services such as health, welfare, housing, agriculture, economic activity, education and training, and employment opportunities.

Where do Community Development Workers work?

CDWs work for citizens, with citizens and where they live, building on people”s daily struggles. They work in rural areas and townships, which are poor, isolated or underdeveloped.

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