The government’s national anti-corruption hotline allows South Africans to report fraudulent activities within the public service, while providing for a single database to improve the monitoring of corruption trends in the country.
The hotline is strictly for reporting on cases of corruption, and does not cater for service delivery complaints – unless these involve corruption as well.  The hotline was launched by the Public Service Commission in September 2004.


Any person can report a case of suspected corruption on the National Anti-Corruption Hotline. A case can be reported anonymously. Details must be provided that will make it possible to investigate the complaint.

Reported cases are referred to the Department of the Premier by the Public Service Commission.

The Security Unit in the Department of the Premier maintains a database of complaints received.  All complaints are forwarded to the relevant provincial department or provincial public entity for investigation. The Unit is also responsible to ensure that departments make progress with investigations.

The Department and/or provincial public entity responsible for the investigation of a complaint, must report to the Head of Department or CEO on their findings. The relevant Department or public entity will then take the necessary disciplinary action if required.

A report on the investigation and action taken, if any, must be forwarded to the Department of the Premier. These reports must be submitted to the Public Service Commission. The PSC evaluates the reports and decides on whether the investigation and recommendations, including any action taken, are sufficient.

If the PSC is satisfied with the report, the complaint will be closed out on the national case management system.