Monitoring and Evaluation


To ensure that the Premier and the Executive Council are effectively supported in achieving Government’s goals and priorities

Strategic Objective

To manage and oversee the implementation of National and Provincial Performance Monitoring Systems and Programmes

Measurable Objectives

  • Co-ordination and monitoring of the implementation of Outcome Based priorities within the Free State Province
  • Co-ordination, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the State of the Province and Budget Injunctions
  • Implementation of Institutional Performance Assessments within Provincial Departments/Municipalities to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of government
  • Co-ordination, monitoring and reporting on frontline service delivery within the Free State Province
  • Co-ordination, development and management of Free State Wide Monitoring and Evaluation Data Systems
  • Co-ordinate, execute and oversee the execution of Performance Evaluation and Impact Studies within the Free State Province.

Structure of Unit

The structure of the PME Branch is presently under review but with the resources available to the Branch the focus is on the following functional areas:

  • Co-ordination, monitoring and assessment of the implementation of the Outcome Based Priorities
  • Institutional Monitoring and Assessments
  • Frontline Service Delivery Monitoring
  • Creation of Performance Data and Information Management Systems


The PME Branch is a relative new component within the Department of the Premier but since it was established the following are some of the key achievements:

  • Facilitating the processes that led to the self-assessment of Outcomes 1, 2, 8 and 9.
  • Initiating the review process of the following outcomes; 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10.
  • As part of its Institutional Performance Monitoring and Assessment responsibility, the PME Branch has also facilitated the provincial process of rolling-out the Management Performance Assessment Tool (MPAT) within the Free State Provincial Government and also took part in the moderation of MPAT results.
  • Preparatory work took place for the execution of an Employee Satisfaction Survey at the Department of Police, Roads and Transport.
  • With respect to Frontline Service Delivery Monitoring (FSDM), an Annual FSDM visit schedule detailing identified service delivery frontline offices have been developed.
  • The PME Branch also finalised the Provincial Frontline Service Delivery Monitoring Strategy.
  •  A number of service delivery points were undertaken.  These visits focused primarily on the health and education sectors.  Dashboard reports were compiled and referred to the relevant departments for corrective action.
  • In its efforts to improve on the usability of performance data and information, the PME Branch has:
  1. Negotiated a shared process with National Department of Rural Development to utilise their SPISYS system as one of the provincial data management systems for performance management.  Initiated a process to include performance data at the lowest geographic level of service delivery.
  2. Initiated a process of making all relevant supporting data for Outcome analysis available on SPISYS such as STATS SA data, ward information, water supply, etc.
  3. Developed an EXCELL database and assessment tool to measure the implementation of Outcome Based Priorities.
  4. A list of possible strategic stakeholders was compiled and sessions are being arranged to see how we can work together with these stakeholders such as Stats South Africa, Development Bank of South Africa, Tertiary Institutions etc.  with regard sharing of data, research results etc.

Contact Details

Contact Numbers

Director: Provincial Monitoring and Evaluation
MH Kekana
Telephone: (+27) 51 403 3722