Information Technology

Strategic Objective

To provide IT services to the Department of the Premier and strategic direction on ICT matters to the Free State Provincial Government.


  • To support the head of department, senior management and the other users in the department in the efficient and effective utilization of information and information technology as strategic resources to enable them to execute their functions efficiently and effectively.
  • To ensure that Information Technology (IT) is deployed and maintained to enable the achievement of strategic goals and objectives in line with government policies, directives and strategies.
  • To plan, coordinate, monitor and share Information Management and Information Technology between the Provincial Departments as well as stakeholders within the framework of intergovernmental governance.
  • To develop and maintain efficient and effective Information Systems for the Department of the Premier and some other Departments.
  • To maintained the Voice Communication System for some or part of the FSPG departments.
  • To provide Help Desk Services (Single Point of Contact) to meet the communication needs of IT users.


  • Designed and implemented Active Directory (AD) to provide a central location for network administration and security. It authenticates and authorizes all users and computers in a Windows domain type network – assigning and enforcing security policies for all computers and installing or updating software.
  • Implemented Micro Soft Forefront Security to protect users against SPAM, viruses and hacking as well as to enable secure access.
  • Drafted an IT Governance Strategy and Framework according to DPSA guidelines specifying the decision rights and accountability framework to encourage desirable behaviours in the use of IT.
  • Upgraded Server Room to comply with NIA’s standards.
  • Developed various Information Systems inter alia the following: Bursary System; Court Cases System; Document Management System (Performance and Monitoring Evaluation Unit) ;Legal and Request Administration System; Training Administration System; Jobseekers Database; Intervention Unit System and FS Citizen System.
  • Documented five processes that are ITIL compliant for Service Desk.
  • Annual IT Audit and replacement of obsolete IT equipment.
  • Ten officials ITIL V.3 Foundation certified.

Contact Numbers

Chief Information Officer
Mr TK Mokoka
Telephone: (+27)51 405 5064