About Us

Our vision
Lead the Free State Province towards Service Excellence

Our mission
To provide strategic direction and coordinate integrated service delivery within government in the Free State

Our values

  • Patriotism manifested through upholding the Constitution, respecting the National Symbols, mutual respect demonstrated between employer and employees and commitment to serve and achieve government goals and priorities
  • Customer Care characterized by understanding and meeting/exceeding customer expectations, displaying a positive attitude, delivering quality work and treating customers (internal and external) with courtesy and respect
  • Honesty and Integrity as illustrated by transparency, fair treatment for all and ethical behaviour towards all
  • Esprit de Corps (Team Spirit) achieved data macau through working effectively in teams, participative /consultative decision-making, confidence, reliability, treating each other with respect, respecting differences and freely sharing ideas and information
  • Professionalism through accountability, knowledge, knowing best practices in the area of responsibility and punctuality.