Human Resource, Advice & Coordination

Core Functions

The strategic objective of this Directorate is to provide strategic direction and render advice on human resource matters to all Provincial Departments. Departments in the Free State Provincial Government are strategically guided and coordinated with regard to transverse corporate support functions

Provincial Departments sometimes conceptualise and interpret policy documents differently which result in inequitable implementation of transversal practices.  This Department must ensure that transversal programmes must be implemented seamlessly with the same understanding.

The achievement of this goal will ultimately ensure that strategic direction, integration and co-ordination can truly take centre stage in implementing transversal institutional development programmes across Provincial Government.  This would be in line with all prescribed goals from National Departments.


The Directorate is subdivided into the following components;

  • Human Resource Management (HR)
  • Human Resource   Planning and Projects (HPP)
  • Labour Relations (LR)
  • Employee Health and Wellness (EHW) and
  • Occupation Health and Safety (OHS) Sub-directorates


Human Resource Management

  • Coordination and implementation of the HR Connect project.
  • Pension Redress project.
  • Establishment of provincial working groups to manage leave and termination of service focusing mainly on managing and addressing outstanding  problematic old pension cases
  • Implemented electronic register as a tool to monitor submission and management of leave
  • Coordinated both Provincial and departmental recruitment out of which provincial recruitment was initially not coordinated by the Department.
  • Soma-Initiative’s contract  was extended as a service provider to manage incapacity leave from 1/July/2009- 31/03/2012

Labour Relations, Employee Health & Wellness and Occupational Health and Safety

  • Evacuation drills
  • Employee and Wellness programme  established and implemented in the Department.
  • Trained departmental staff on labour  relations