Provincial Strategic Planning, Policy and Research


  • Manage, coordinate and facilitate the development, implementation, review and monitoring of Departmental strategic plan.
  • Manage, coordinate and facilitate the provision of quality applied research services in support of provincial policy imperative and needs.
  • Manage, coordinate and facilitate the review of provincial policies and strategies.

Organizational Structure


  • The component successfully finalised the Strategic Plans and the Annual Performance Plans.
  • The component also facilitated the finalization of the contextualization of National Spatial Development Perspective roll-out report at district level for the Xhariep District.
  • Coordinated the hosting of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) workshop which was addressed by the Minister of Public Service and Administration, Minister Richard Baloyi. The objective of the workshop was to compile the provincial APRM report.
  • Conducted a successful roll-out of the National Strategic plan and the Planning Commission dialogue in all districts of the Province.
  • An engagement session on the Planning Commission and the National Strategic Plan was held with all strategic planners of the provincial departments.
  • IDPs of all municipalities were analysed and the analysis report per municipality was prepared.
  • An FSPG Policy Approach Guide was developed as an instrument to homogenize provincial policy development and implementation.
  • A FSPG Planning Cycle framework was developed.
  • Compile a FSPG Research Agenda and Terms of Reference of Research and Development forum.
  • Conduct a road show on Provincial Research Agenda and Forum to all five district management structures.
  • Undertake research projects (Municipal profiles) as commissioned.

Contact Numbers

Chief Director: Mr. Mafole Mokalobe
Tel: 051-405-4018