Risk Management


The purpose of Risk Management Component is to ensure efficient and effective risk management systems within the department. The functions that need to be performed by the component are:

  • Develop and implement Risk Management  systems
  • Facilitate risk identification of control mitigation risks and control improvement
  • Embed Risk Management Systems within line management functions
  • Analyze and report on a consolidated departmental risk profile

PFMA,section 38(1)(a)(i) The Accounting Officer for a department and trading entity must ensure that the department has and maintains effective, efficient and transparent systems of financial and risk management and internal control.

Treasury Regulations section 3.2.1 The Accounting officer must ensure that a risk assessment is conducted regularly to identify emerging risks of the institutions. A risk management strategy, which must include a fraud prevention plan, must be used to direct internal audit effort and priority, and to determine the skills required of managers and staff to improve controls and to manage these risks. The strategy must be clearly communicated to all officials to officials to ensure that the risk management strategy is incorporated into the language and culture of the institution

Organizational Structure


Risk Manager:  Develops and implement the following on risk management;

  • Risk Management  Strategy
  • Risk Mnagement Framework
  • Risk Management Policy statements
  • Risk Plan
  • Risk Policy

 Risk Management Practitioner:  Assists with the development, maintenance and implementation of;

  • Risk Management  Strategy
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Risk Management Policy statements
  • Risk Plan
  • Risk Policy

Risk Officer: Facilitate departmental risk identification and assessments

  • Assist with the Monitoring and reviewing the implementation of risk management processes
  • Conduct awareness campaigns on risk management to promote a culture in the department
  • Maintain and update the departmental risk register
  • Assist in the Administration of the unit


  • Approved Risk Management Charter
  • Approved Risk Management Policy
  • Approved Risk Management Strategy and Plan
  • Approved Departmental Risk Profile
  • Formal appointment of the Risk Management Committee

Contact Numbers

Risk Manager: Mr. M. Mothiba
Telephone: (051) 405 4640
Office: Lebohang Building, Room No: 439 (Fourth floor)